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Gold Star (Valor) Recipients

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Gold Star (Valor)

The Gold Star (Valor)

Results: 8 members
The Valor Star System was instituted on 7 January 2009 to recognize acts of skill during a mission or deployment. The awards are designed to recognize skill and achievement that does not fall within the category of bravery or gallantry medals, and fall into Bronze, Silver, and Gold categories. A Gold Valor Star may be awarded for exceptional skill in non-operational missions.

Corporal Braydon "Belliott" Elliott USEC
Corporal Bryn "Wedge" Walker Deputy Director of Recruiting USEC
Private Class One Gavin "Gavelin" Anderson USEC
Dismissed Dyonn "Bravo" Lee UX505
Retired Charles "Borderhawk" Easley UX302
Retired Justin "Fab208" Rider UCOM
Retired James "Rapidfire01" Rapid UCOM
Retired Spencer "Firefly" Hagan UX501

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