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Meritorious Service Medal Recipients

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Meritorious Service Medal

The Meritorious Service Medal

Results: 28 members
The Meritorious Service Medal is awarded to members of the Force in recognition of significant serivce and dedication. Members who have an excellent service record and who have demonstrated their dedication and commitment throughout their career are eligble for this award.

Major Arden "Nedra" Marshall Director of Personnel UCOM
Captain Patrick "Morcar" Tallhart Commanding Officer USEC
Second Lieutenant John "Vuduu" Vuk Executive Officer USEC
Corporal Joel "gamers2000" Cheng UX950
Corporal Daniel "WindHoek" Erasmus USEC
Corporal Franco "Establishment" Reyes USEC
Dismissed Derek "Musicman" Herchko UCOM
Dismissed Dan "Earthquake" Barna UX108
Dismissed Mike "mritchey" Ritchey UX302
Dismissed Trenton "Colonelnj10" Holmberg UX108
Dismissed Alex "Md2a" Fleming UCOM
Dismissed Daniel "Shelldrake" Rübenach UCA
Dismissed Dustin "red175" Quick UTA
Dismissed Kevin "Medic" Schultz UX302
Dismissed Dyonn "Bravo" Lee UX505
Retired Dave "Snipe" Lafferty UX302
Retired Phil "Cougar" Burns UX302
Dismissed Kieran "Stabs" Thomas UTA
Retired Stanley "Daredevil" Losiewicz UX950
Dismissed Burt "Vipero" Brown UTA
Dismissed Brian "Hang Fire" Willis UX501
Dismissed Tim "Scout" Ra UX302
Retired Chris "Arachai" Cummings UX302
Retired David "Bashkire" Evans UX501
Dismissed Sean "Vandit" Ficara UX950
Dismissed Farhad David "Big Daddy" Dadsetan UX950
Retired Joel "air" Restrepo UX950

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