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500 Combat Hours Ribbon Recipients

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500 Combat Hours Ribbon

The 500 Combat Hours Ribbon

Results: 12 members
Awarded Automatically once 500 hours has been reached collectively in USEC Training, Operations, or Administration.

Colonel-in-Chief Dean "Rocket" Hall Colonel-in-Chief UX950
Major Paul "chalky" White Unity Commander UCOM
Second Lieutenant John "Vuduu" Vuk Executive Officer USEC
Sergeant Major Sam "Utmost" Maunder Director of Operations UCOM
Corporal Braydon "Belliott" Elliott USEC
Private Class One Gavin "Gavelin" Anderson USEC
Retired Lloyd "Ranger" Lassahn UX305
Retired Trent "TheKaing" Blake UX152
Retired Joe "Impaler" Highman USEC
Retired Chad "chaddles" Griffiths UX950
Retired Troy "Roller" Coster UX501
Retired Testy "McTest" Face UCOM

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