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Operational Planner Ribbon Recipients

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Operational Planner Ribbon

The Operational Planner Ribbon

Results: 24 members
Awarded to Commanders who create 4 unassigned pool missions for acceptance by personnel, with briefings that are made to a high standard. This award is made once 4 missions have been submitted.

Colonel-in-Chief Dean "Rocket" Hall Colonel-in-Chief UX950
Major Paul "chalky" White Unity Commander UCOM
Major Arden "Nedra" Marshall Director of Personnel UCOM
Corporal Daniel "WindHoek" Erasmus USEC
Corporal Franco "Establishment" Reyes USEC
Private Class One Andrew "China" Wilson USEC
Dismissed Kyle "Woody" Masters UX501
Dismissed Lyndon "maceotago" Mason USEC
Retired Lloyd "Ranger" Lassahn UX305
Dismissed Kevin "Medic" Schultz UX302
Retired Raymond "Rayskji" Brown UCOM
Retired Raymond "Rayskji" Brown UCOM
Retired Daniel "Shadowman" Storms UX302
Dismissed Khalil "InCogNiTo!" Syed UX302
Retired Phil "Cougar" Burns UX302
Retired Joe "Impaler" Highman USEC
Dismissed Christopher "Flakbait" Bahleda UCOM
Retired Phil "PAGEY" Page UX305
Retired Adam "Hoot" Sears UX305
Retired Matthew "Spartan" Lightfoot UX950
Dismissed Farhad David "Big Daddy" Dadsetan UX950
Retired Jeremy "Ironman" Stark UCOM
Dismissed Kyle "Marstruc" Krause USEC

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