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Operation Presidium Ribbon Recipients

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Operation Presidium Ribbon

The Operation Presidium Ribbon

Results: 25 members
Awarded for participation in Operation Presidium. To be eligible for receipt, members must have participated in an Arma-based operation directly involved in an operation mission, be referenced in the COMREP, and have participated for at least ONE (1) hour in total.

Major Paul "chalky" White Unity Commander UCOM
Captain Patrick "Morcar" Tallhart Commanding Officer USEC
Second Lieutenant John "Vuduu" Vuk Executive Officer USEC
Sergeant Major Sam "Utmost" Maunder Director of Operations UCOM
Corporal Braydon "Belliott" Elliott USEC
Corporal Bryn "Wedge" Walker Deputy Director of Recruiting USEC
Corporal Daniel "WindHoek" Erasmus USEC
Corporal Franco "Establishment" Reyes USEC
Lance Corporal John "none" Doe USEC
Private Class One Gavin "Gavelin" Anderson USEC
Private Class One Jake "Jackal" Takel Deputy Director of Systems USEC
Private Class One Nicholas "Lysol" Folz USEC
Private Class One Andrew "China" Wilson USEC
Private Class One Nick "CHROME" Chrome USEC
Private Class Two Dimas "The Spaniard" López USEC
Private Class Two Bence "Pat" Patkovics USEC
Private Class Two Brian "SoulTrain" Soltan USEC
Private Class Two Jason "Jadeson" Burrows USEC
Private Class Two Charlie "Sparky" Starkey USEC
Private Class Three Casey "SKI" Kalinowski USEC
Private Class Three Tyler "DarkOne" Johnson USEC
Private Class Three Mason "Wolf" Wolf USEC
Private Class Three Berkin "Dalaman" Dalaman USEC
Dismissed Kyle "Marstruc" Krause USEC
Dismissed Ryan "Harding" Boyle USEC

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