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Top Member Ribbon

The Top Member Ribbon

Results: 155 members
Awarded automatically if a member makes the "Top Members" list for leading activity totals for the prescribed time period. Activity totals are taken from time spent on the ArmA2 server using the Revolutions system, and from submitted Flight Simulator PIREPs. Both represent actual hours spent at the computer.

Colonel-in-Chief Dean "Rocket" Hall Colonel-in-Chief UX950
Major Paul "chalky" White Unity Commander UCOM
Major Arden "Nedra" Marshall Director of Personnel UCOM
Captain Patrick "Morcar" Tallhart Commanding Officer USEC
Second Lieutenant John "Vuduu" Vuk Executive Officer USEC
Sergeant Major Sam "Utmost" Maunder Director of Operations UCOM
Sergeant Jake "Kalash" Smith USEC
Corporal Joel "gamers2000" Cheng UX950
Corporal Braydon "Belliott" Elliott USEC
Corporal Bryn "Wedge" Walker Deputy Director of Recruiting USEC
Corporal Daniel "WindHoek" Erasmus USEC
Corporal Franco "Establishment" Reyes USEC
Lance Corporal John "none" Doe USEC
Private Class One Gavin "Gavelin" Anderson USEC
Private Class One Jake "Jackal" Takel Deputy Director of Systems USEC
Private Class One John "Assaultboy" Romano UX950
Private Class One Nicholas "Lysol" Folz USEC
Private Class One Andrew "China" Wilson USEC
Private Class One Nick "CHROME" Chrome USEC
Private Class Two Harry "REDACTED" Moore USEC
Private Class Two Dimas "The Spaniard" López USEC
Private Class Two James "TommyBoy" Thompson UX950
Private Class Two Bence "Pat" Patkovics USEC
Private Class Two Brian "SoulTrain" Soltan USEC
Private Class Two Jason "Jadeson" Burrows USEC
Private Class Two Charlie "Sparky" Starkey USEC
Private Class Three Mason "Wolf" Wolf USEC
Private Class Three Cody "Joker" Davis USEC
Private Class Four Pete "Trigger" Millar USEC
Private Class Four Cody "Dax" Turner USEC
Dismissed Kyle "Woody" Masters UX501
Dismissed Lyndon "maceotago" Mason USEC
Retired Lloyd "Ranger" Lassahn UX305
Dismissed James "MachineMadness" Hull UX950
Retired Trent "TheKaing" Blake UX152
Retired David "Spanky" Brice UX501
Retired Raymond "Rayskji" Brown UCOM
Dismissed Dyonn "Bravo" Lee UX505
Retired Daniel "Shadowman" Storms UX302
Retired Phil "Cougar" Burns UX302
Dismissed Alex "Wolfie" White UX501
Retired Stanley "Daredevil" Losiewicz UX950
Retired Chris "Arachai" Cummings UX302
Retired Jannik "gobbo" Balkau UX501
Retired Chad "chaddles" Griffiths UX950
Retired Phil "PAGEY" Page UX305
Retired Adam "Hoot" Sears UX305
Dismissed Michel "B.O.P.E" Street UX950
Retired Jonathan "Salsa " Lawrence UX108
Dismissed Toby "Fletch" Fletcher UX950
Retired Matthew "Spartan" Lightfoot UX950
Retired David "Bashkire" Evans UX501
Retired Mark "Dice" Nissen UX501
Retired Pasindu "ghosteyes" De Silva UX302
Retired Grant "Avenger" Calderon UX501
Dismissed Farhad David "Big Daddy" Dadsetan UX950
Dismissed Adam "Archangel" McKissock UX501
Dismissed Daniel "[USEC]PVT D.Klemm" Klemm UX950
Dismissed T "Tigor" Thompson UTA
Retired Joseph "Smokey" Maffei UX501
Retired Justin "Fab208" Rider UCOM
Dismissed Chris "Jester" Morrissey UTA
Dismissed Al "Otto" Rosenberg UX108
Dismissed Sean "DirtBag" Smith UX501
Retired Greer "Beetle" Trumble UX302
Retired James "Rapidfire01" Rapid UCOM
Retired Tim "Hawk" Johnson UX501
Retired Chris "Cypher" Cunningham UCOM
Dismissed Garth "blur" Horsburgh UX950
Retired Dougal "Bob" Cameron UX501
Dismissed Christopher "Gio" Giardino UX950
Dismissed Sam "W64" Johnstone UX950
Dismissed Paul "Psycho" Reed UX950
Dismissed Will "darkflight" Torrens UTA
Dismissed Daniel "Ddog" Hounds UX950
Dismissed Dominic "Merlin" MacAleese UTA
Dismissed Adam "Badger" Hill UTA
Dismissed Andrew "DarkOne" Flook UX501
Dismissed Patrick "Lowrider" Adams UX501
Dismissed Paul "Cocksy" Cocker UX950
Dismissed Harry "grubster" Ross UX950
Dismissed Kieron "MeenMachine" Meen UX950
Retired Daniel "FoRT" Locker UX501
Dismissed Seth "Mandalore1333" Cooper UX950
Retired Phil "Krypter" Hindes UX950
Retired Tom "AussieStig" Hancock UX950
Dismissed john "zerkor" copeland UX950
Retired Ben "Texas" Walker UX950
Dismissed Jordan "Phoenix" Eastwood UX501
Retired Troy "Roller" Coster UX501
Dismissed Simon "Rhumba" Bird UX950
Dismissed Joshua "Hawk" Webb UX950
Dismissed Connor "Concyn" Young UX501
Retired Phil "Lance" Lattaney UX501
Dismissed Ben "Shield" Sereta UX501
Retired Testy "McTest" Face UCOM
Retired Andrew "Maccas" McDonald UX501
Dismissed Dave "ScarFace" Hodder UX950
Dismissed James "Spartan" Hamell UX501
Retired Mathew "Ozzy" Osborn UX302
Dismissed Edd "Sparky" Beadling UX501
Dismissed Frank "Freezy" Fitzgerald UCA
Retired Ryan "Destiny" Pleasance UX501
Dismissed Ryan "Boom" Hickey UX501
Dismissed Johan "JJJohan" Rensenbrink UX950
Dismissed Callum "Warrior" Rayne UCA
Dismissed Richard "Sierra7" Ong UX152
Retired John "Jonpas" James UX152
Retired Matthew "TheHammer" Richards USEC
Retired Leith "Harto" Hartley UX950
Dismissed Joshua "Yoshi" Tie UX501
Retired Benjamin "Magnidude" Helm UX950
Retired Aidan "Badger" Worthy UX501
Dismissed Nick "Monk3y" Pedrana UX950
Dismissed Ash "Breaker" Bennis UX950
Retired Jordan "n3wzealander" Jagger UX152
Retired David "DaC" Andersen UX950
Retired Martin "Makkin" Syverstad UX950
Retired Brent "Daishiknyte" Knyte USEC
Retired Rory "rg" Guldentops UX501
Retired Jeremy "Ironman" Stark UCOM
Retired Thomas "Flats" Flatley UX411
Dismissed Anders "taral" Taraldsen UX950
Retired Joel "air" Restrepo UX950
Dismissed Matt ""Shorty"" Williams UX501
Retired Alex "Sykotix" Vanino UX950
Dismissed Brandon "Thunder" Rebelo UX501
Retired David "AdenFlorian" Zinke UX950
Dismissed Andrew "Fantastic" Smalls UX950
Retired Cory "Omnirock" Larose UX501
Retired AJ "Caustic" Smith UX950
Dismissed Walter "SnowOwl" Moxley USEC
Dismissed Hessel "Cato" Tinga UX950
Retired Tim "GrueneTeufel" Dau UX950
Dismissed Kyle "Marstruc" Krause USEC
Dismissed Mike "SlowLoris" Davis UX950
Dismissed Alex "Venus" Golding UX950
Dismissed Dave "Pinhead" Taev UX950
Dismissed Chris "Genesis" Genesis UX950
Retired Cole "Trauma" Taylor UX501
Dismissed Khan "Boba" Hyun USEC
Retired Jack "Revan" Cousland UX950
Dismissed Peter "MadDog" Berg UX950
Retired Alex "Wassy" Wasserman UX950
Dismissed Gani "Morpho" Geiger USEC
Retired Shayne "Ritalin" Aberhart USEC
Retired Christian "Koertigs" Gorke USEC
Retired Charles "_T!T@N" Benstead UX950
Retired Colin "Terminator" Kennedy UX501
Retired Justin "Denise" de Vos USEC
Dismissed Ryan "Harding" Boyle USEC
Retired Ben "Techman" Colwell USEC

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