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Op Bengal Ribbon Recipients

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Op Bengal Ribbon

The Op Bengal Ribbon

Results: 22 members
Operation Bengal - Awarded for participation in the force-wide campaign, June-July 2010, in India and Pakistan. To be eligible members must have participated in at least one combat or flight operation and filed an approved mission report.

Major Paul "chalky" White Unity Commander UCOM
Sergeant Major Sam "Utmost" Maunder Director of Operations UCOM
Corporal Joel "gamers2000" Cheng UX950
Retired Trent "TheKaing" Blake UX152
Retired Raymond "Rayskji" Brown UCOM
Retired Phil "Cougar" Burns UX302
Dismissed Michael "Hot-Mic" Biehn UCOM
Retired Stanley "Daredevil" Losiewicz UX950
Retired Joe "Impaler" Highman USEC
Retired Jannik "gobbo" Balkau UX501
Dismissed Christopher "Flakbait" Bahleda UCOM
Retired Chad "chaddles" Griffiths UX950
Retired Phil "PAGEY" Page UX305
Retired Jonathan "Salsa " Lawrence UX108
Dismissed Thomas "Lanky" Briggs UX302
Retired Anders "Solbakken" Solbakken UX501
Retired David "Bashkire" Evans UX501
Dismissed Sean "Vandit" Ficara UX950
Dismissed Fady "Hitman" Botros UX108
Retired Mark "Dice" Nissen UX501
Dismissed Charles "Stitch Jr." Alexander UTA
Retired Aaron "Seal/UDT" McIntosh UX501

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