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Silver Star

The Silver Star

Results: 19 members
The Silver Star is the second in a series of three medals designed to recognise acts of service to the Unity Security Force. The Silver Star is awarded for acts demonstrating significant service, dedication, and commitment, to the Force.

Major Paul "chalky" White Unity Commander UCOM
Sergeant Major Sam "Utmost" Maunder Director of Operations UCOM
Corporal Joel "gamers2000" Cheng UX950
Dismissed Ryan "Rhino" McCarthy UCOM
Dismissed Robert "bobbyaa" Cross UCOM
Dismissed Lyndon "maceotago" Mason USEC
Dismissed Nick "Burly" Silver UX108
Dismissed Justin "havy101" H UX152
Dismissed Kevin "Medic" Schultz UX302
Retired Erick "Hawk" Camara UX108
Retired Raymond "Rayskji" Brown UCOM
Retired Daniel "Shadowman" Storms UX302
Retired Charles "Borderhawk" Easley UX302
Dismissed Anthony "Ant" Heaton UX108
Dismissed Michel "B.O.P.E" Street UX950
Dismissed Farhad David "Big Daddy" Dadsetan UX950
Dismissed Garth "blur" Horsburgh UX950
Retired Troy "Roller" Coster UX501

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