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Administrative Excellence Ribbon Recipients

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Administrative Excellence Ribbon

The Administrative Excellence Ribbon

Results: 11 members
Awarded to those who, in the eyes of a superior, have demonstrated a level of achievement in administrative duties associated with their staff duties. Examples include the completion of exceptional Mission Briefings and Operational Plans. This award may be made multiple times, but may not be awarded in conjunction with any other ribbon or medal.

Colonel-in-Chief Dean "Rocket" Hall Colonel-in-Chief UX950
Corporal Daniel "WindHoek" Erasmus USEC
Corporal Franco "Establishment" Reyes USEC
Retired Trent "TheKaing" Blake UX152
Retired Trent "TheKaing" Blake UX152
Retired Phil "Cougar" Burns UX302
Retired Brandon "OB" OBrien UX302
Retired Joe "Impaler" Highman USEC
Dismissed Nigel "Dragon" Smith UX501
Retired Phil "Krypter" Hindes UX950
Retired Joel "air" Restrepo UX950

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