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USEC - Unity Security Force

USEC - Unity Security Force

Results: 34 members
Unity Security Force is a virtual international paramilitary organization tasked with providing military and humanitarian support worldwide. Unity Security Force’s mission is to strengthen worldwide security and development through our partnership with countries throughout the world.
Commanding Officer
Captain Patrick "Morcar" Tallhart Commanding Officer
Company HQ
Second Lieutenant John "Vuduu" Vuk Executive Officer
Lancer 1-1
Sergeant Jake "Kalash" Smith Squad Leader
Corporal Braydon "Belliott" Elliott
Private Class One Jake "Jackal" Takel Deputy Director of Systems
Private Class One Nicholas "Lysol" Folz
Private Class Two Charlie "Sparky" Starkey
Private Class Three Casey "SKI" Kalinowski
Private Class Three Tyler "DarkOne" Johnson
Private Class Three Berkin "Dalaman" Dalaman
Private Class Four Pete "Trigger" Millar
Private Class Four Jon "Snuggle" Snuggles
Private Class Four Pete "Trigger" Millar
Private Class Four Keyota "Rarity" Sasukio
Lancer 1-2
Corporal Bryn "Wedge" Walker Deputy Director of Recruiting
Corporal Daniel "WindHoek" Erasmus Squad Leader
Private Class One Nick "CHROME" Chrome
Private Class Two Harry "REDACTED" Moore
Private Class Two Bence "Pat" Patkovics
Private Class Two Jason "Jadeson" Burrows
Private Class Three Mason "Wolf" Wolf
Private Class Three Cody "Joker" Davis
Private Class Three Luke "Shotghost" Sheridan
Private Class Four Cody "Dax" Turner
Private Class Four Kenneth "BDs^" Schinke
Lancer 1-3
Corporal Franco "Establishment" Reyes Squad Leader
Lance Corporal John "none" Doe
Private Class One Gavin "Gavelin" Anderson
Private Class One Andrew "China" Wilson
Private Class Two Dimas "The Spaniard" López
Private Class Two Brian "SoulTrain" Soltan
Private Class Four Tom "Diddles" Merritt
Private Class Four Patrick "Ender" Reagan
Private Class Four Victor "Speed" Thach

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