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USEC personnel are listed below, ordered by their precedence in rank, along with their activity in the last two weeks

Results: 46 members
Member Combat Points Unit
Captain Matthew "Spartan" Lightfoot Member Online Today At 01:15 Zulu Chief of Staff 400 points UCOM
Second Lieutenant David "DaC" Andersen Member Online Today At 15:17 Zulu Commanding Officer UX152 750 points UX152
Second Lieutenant Rory "rg" Guldentops Member Online Today At 08:49 Zulu Commanding Officer UX501 1100 points UX501
Second Lieutenant Jeremy "Ironman" Stark Member Online Today At 12:21 Zulu Deputy Chief of Staff 1000 points UCOM
Staff Sergeant Joel "air" Restrepo Member Online Today At 00:30 Zulu 650 points UX501
Sergeant Matthew "HawkEye" Richards Member Online Today At 16:08 Zulu 1325 points UX411
Sergeant Brent "Daishiknyte" Knyte Logistics Officer 1900 points UX152
Sergeant Bryn "Bear" Walker Member Online Today At 01:02 Zulu Director of Recruiting 750 points UX501
Sergeant Patrick "Morcar" Tallhart Member On Leave Until: 3/5/2015 3850 points UX501
Corporal Sam "Mindless" Maunder Member Online Today At 15:52 Zulu Logistics Officer 1150 points UX501
Corporal John "Jonpas" James Member Online Today At 02:34 Zulu Logistics Officer 1650 points UX152
Corporal Braydon "Belliott" Elliott Member Online Today At 13:24 Zulu 3105 points UX501
Corporal Rowan "Macro" MacSween Member Online Today At 06:41 Zulu Squad 2IC 1100 points UX501
Corporal Gavin "Gavina16a" Anderson Member Online Today At 15:30 Zulu 2750 points UX501
Corporal Timo "Sotake" Grenner Member Online Today At 22:38 Zulu Squad 2IC 1075 points UX411
Corporal Daniel "SnowFlake" Erasmus Member Online Today At 23:05 Zulu 1550 points UX411
Corporal Jake "Jackal" Takel Member Online Today At 15:49 Zulu 1300 points UX501
Corporal Nicholas "Lysol" Folz Member Online Today At 16:41 Zulu 1850 points UX501
Corporal Franco "Ghost" Reyes Member Online Today At 16:24 Zulu Squad 2IC 2250 points UX501
Corporal Anthony "Heiyin" Hyuun Member Online Today At 12:04 Zulu 3965 points UX501
Corporal John "Voodoo" Vuk Member Online Today At 16:20 Zulu 4415 points UX501
Corporal Alex "Wassy" Wasserman Member Online Today At 06:30 Zulu Recruiting Officer 2640 points UX501
Private First Class Justin "Phoenix" Korsi 0 points UX501
Private First Class Andrew "Fantastic" Smalls Member Online Today At 06:30 Zulu 300 points UX501
Private First Class Walter "SnowOwl" Moxley Member Online Today At 01:36 Zulu 1000 points UX501
Private First Class Vasily "Vularin" Gagarin 0 points UX501
Private First Class John "Assaultboy" Romano Member Online Today At 04:58 Zulu 2700 points UX411
Private First Class Luke "Rhythm44" Samson Member Online Today At 12:16 Zulu 550 points UX501
Private First Class Cole "Trauma" Taylor 600 points UX501
Private First Class Jack "Revan" Cousland Member Online Today At 05:06 Zulu 2750 points UX501
Private First Class Harry "TessTickle" Moore Member Online Today At 16:15 Zulu 375 points UX411
Private First Class Andrew "JuniorxMints" Wilson Member Online Today At 00:40 Zulu 2000 points UX501
Private First Class Casper "Cabbe" Eriksson 300 points UX501
Private First Class Alex "Maugrim" van der Heide Member Online Today At 16:49 Zulu 1550 points UX501
Private First Class Brad "Pine" Carson 850 points UX501
Private First Class Dimas "TkC" Lopez Member Online Today At 16:28 Zulu 1250 points UX501
Private Paul "tutmeister" Tutty 300 points UX501
Private Michel "B.O.P.E" Street Member Online Today At 11:34 Zulu 0 points UX501
Private Chris "Genesis" Genesis 750 points UX501
Private Jackson "Arclight" Ryan Member Online Today At 00:59 Zulu 1300 points UX501
Private Peter "MadDog" Berg 0 points UX501
Private Kevin "Moofasaa" Rivard Member Online Today At 02:24 Zulu 900 points UX501
Private Dalton "Fruit" Belcher AWOL 825 points UX501
Private Nolan "Mr. DeepSea" Tombler 700 points UX501
Private John "Black Jack" Pluskyn 300 points UX501
Private Evan "Ellis" Barrett 0 points UX501

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