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Recruiting Unit

The Recruiting Unit is responsible for the attraction, processing, and assessment of new personnel.

Director of Recruiting

First Lieutenant Matthew "Spartan" Lightfoot Member Online Today At 21:01 Zulu

Newest Members

Please welcome the newest members of our community.
Member Join Date Unit
Private Carl "Tato" Fox Member Online Today At 01:18 Zulu 21 Oct 2014 Zulu UX501
Private Patrick "Morcar" Tallhart Member Online Today At 01:08 Zulu 21 Oct 2014 Zulu UX501
Private Sverre "Xzidia" Sakseid Member Online Today At 17:32 Zulu 20 Oct 2014 Zulu UX501
Private Rok "Rork" Turk 18 Oct 2014 Zulu UX501
Private Killian "K. Brady" Brady 15 Oct 2014 Zulu UX501

Recruit Induction Presentation

To assist our new Recruits through the application process, we have prepared a short interactive induction presentation. This presentation aims to guide you through the application process and inform you about what USEC is all about. This presentation will cover training requirements for all Force Groups, and will tell you how to connect to our servers.

Please wait while the presentation loads. It should appear directly below this text.

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