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David "Bashkire" Evans


UX501 - Unity Royal Lancers

Member Showcase

The member's Badges, Medals, and Ribbons are displayed below in order of preference. Hold the mouse over an individual award for the citation information, click on the award to view award information and other recipients, or click on the Personal File option above to view all citation information.

Combat Aviator Badge
Meritorious Service Medal Bronze Star Land Commendation Medal (Valor)
Force Dedication Ribbon Top Member Ribbon Meritorious Unit Citation 100 Combat Hours Ribbon 50 Combat Hours Ribbon Online Service Ribbon 2 Year Service Ribbon 1 Year Service Ribbon 180 Day Service Ribbon 90 Day Service Ribbon 30 Day Service Ribbon Op Island Spear Ribbon Op Bengal Ribbon Op Lasting Effect Op Dry Talon United Nations Ribbon (1st)

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