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Paul "chalky" White


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Gold Watch
Chief Instructor - Air Crew Badge
Unity Medal Force Cross Guardian Medal Distinguished Service Medal Gold Star Silver Star Bronze Star
Force Dedication Ribbon Force Commanders Citation Top Member Ribbon Meritorious Unit Citation Silver Donator Ribbon Bronze Donator Ribbon Operational Commander Ribbon Combat Administrator Ribbon Operational Planner Ribbon Administrative Achievement Ribbon 1000 Combat Hours Ribbon 500 Combat Hours Ribbon 250 Combat Hours Ribbon 100 Combat Hours Ribbon 50 Combat Hours Ribbon 250 Flight Hours Ribbon 100 Flight Hours Ribbon Staff Officer Service Ribbon Online Service Ribbon 11 Year Service Ribbon 10 Year Service Ribbon 9 Year Service Ribbon 8 Year Service Ribbon 7 Year Service Ribbon 6 Year Service Ribbon 5 Year Service Ribbon 4 Year Service Ribbon 3 Year Service Ribbon 2 Year Service Ribbon 1 Year Service Ribbon 180 Day Service Ribbon 90 Day Service Ribbon 30 Day Service Ribbon Infantry Specialist Qualification T1INF - Independent Unit Leadership T1INF - Mortar Competency T1INF - Special Insertion Techniques T1INF - Advanced Reconnaissance Rifleman Qualification Ribbon Recruit Qualification Ribbon Basic Field Training Ribbon Basic Helicopter Ribbon Radio Operator Ribbon Combat Medicine Ribbon Land Equipment Ribbon Advanced Operations Ribbon Land Operations Ribbon Helicopter Operations Ribbon Armour Operations Ribbon Combat Reporting Ribbon General Service Ribbon NCO Qualification Ribbon Entrance Ribbon Op Cotton (Iraq) Ribbon Op Firefly (Marshall Is.) Ribbon Op Sunbeam (Taiwan) Ribbon Op Orange Dawn (Kenya) Ribbon Op Green Field (Sahrani) Ribbon Op Tammarpok (Alaska) Ribbon Op Iron Dawn (Rahmadi) Ribbon Operation Desert Night (Iraq) Ribbon Op Island Spear Ribbon Op Bengal Ribbon Operation Anvil Ribbon Operation Presidium Ribbon United Nations Ribbon (4th) United Nations Ribbon (3rd) United Nations Ribbon (2nd) United Nations Ribbon (1st)

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