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Usecforce.com does not use cookies to store session information. Usecforce.com may institute cookies at some stage and will inform members accordingly. Usecforce.com is a quantified publisher on Quantcast.com who may use cookies to track data. Please see their website for their privacy policies.

External Site Links

Usecforce.com links to other websites on the internet. Content and Privacy Policies are the responsibility of their respective owners.


Usecforce.com does not contain any advertisements, nor does it intend to accept any offers for advertising. We believe advertising is not in the best interests of our members.

IP Addresses and Logging

Usecforce.com server logs information about visitors, including IP addresses, date/time visited, referring website, length of stay, etc. This information is used for site statistics only.

Customer Information & Credit Card Transactions

Limited information is supplied to Usecforce.com in the event of member application. This includes your name, IP Address, Email, and basic gaming information. This information is not sold or distributed to third parties. We do not hold or ever ask for Credit Card information.

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