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Three general kinds of ribbons are awarded at USEC. Standard ribbons (first section below) are awarded for a variety of service and qualification reasons. The second type of ribbon (middle of the page) are training ribbons, awarded for successful completion of different parts of training. The third kind of ribbon (bottom of page) is awarded for operational service in particular campaigns.

Standard Ribbons

Results: 86 ribbons

Ribbons are awarded to recognise participation and service for the Force. Service ribbons are awarded for continuous time served with the Force. Other ribbons include qualification ribbons that are automatically awarded on completion of a training course. Ribbon recipients receive mention in Routine Orders.

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Training Ribbons - Land Force

Results: 34 ribbons

Ribbons are awarded to recognise successful completion of elements of USEC training at any and all levels, with respect to the Land Force Training Syllabus. Please review the Manual of Land Training (MoLT) for more information.

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Campaign Ribbons

Results: 23 ribbons

Ribbons are awarded to recognise participation in USEC operations in a theatre of war.

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