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Operation Presidium Complete

Wednesday, August 10, 2016 | 4:26:00 AM

With Operation Presidium completed, USEC is already in high gear working on the next campaign. Slated to begin in October, USEC will be paying a visit to Southeast Asia, where a dangerous conflict is brewing. If you do not own Arma Apex, be aware you will need it for the next campaign. This gives you approx. 70 days notice, which means if you can save $0.50 a day, you can afford it by the time we ship out!

In the interim, the Command Team is reviewing tactics and procedures based on their weekly after-action review. Training will be forthcoming with areas of deficiency noted, and we will be attempting to make training more fun and interactive.

The Quartermaster Team is working with the Command Team on an updated modpack, suitable for the lush jungle environment of the South Pacific. We will be conducting some beta tests of various mods first, so if you're interested in assisting the team, please let Major Paul White know. We specifically want to ensure mods chosen are fully compatible with ACE.

Operational awards have started to trickle down from UCOM, based on the performance reviews made after each mission. You can see the most recent awards on the forum.

If you have any ideas for the next campaign, ideas for training scenarios, or any general feedback, please join us on Slack. For an invite, message your Squad Leader.

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