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1LT Tallhart awarded the Force Cross

Thursday, June 23, 2016 | 2:31:00 AM

Patrick 'Morcar' Tallhart has been awarded the Force Cross with the following citation:

Force Cross
'On June 19th 2016, 1LT Patrick “Morcar” Tallhart went above and beyond the call of duty, and was vital to the successful completion of mission #1361.

Tasked with eliminating several enemy high-value targets in the Altian town of Zaros, 1LT Tallhart’s squad, lead by CPL Franco “Establishment” Reyes, faced serious opposition to their objectives. Despite extremely low visibility due to thick fog and under constant sniper fire, the squad pressed into the enemy-held town and eliminated the HVTs, as well as enemy heavy armour that was undergoing repairs.

The team then began to exfiltrate, but discovered they had been surrounded by a substantial enemy QRF. 1LT Tallhart was instrumental in his squad’s efforts to break the stranglehold the enemy had on them, participating in fierce CQB while overseeing the treatment of injured team members. When it became apparent that the QRF would soon overwhelm them, the decision was made to execute a fighting retreat.

While retreating, enemy forces continued to close in, causing substantial injuries to squad members. Ammunition was scarce, and seeing that he was now more useful in a purely medical role, 1LT Tallhart surrendered his firearm and ammunition to a friendly soldier who had spent his rounds.

At one point in their retreat, the squad was pinned down in a garage with enemy forces firing on them from all sides. PVT-2 Nicholas “Lysol” Folz had been injured several metres down the road outside the garage - a road that was now being heavily suppressed by multiple enemy machine gunners. 1LT Tallhart vowed to leave no man behind, and dashed onto the road with absolutely no cover to speak of, picked up PVT-2 Folz and brought him back to the relative safety of the garage, where several other squad members were already undergoing treatment. 1LT Tallhart repeated this maneuver on multiple occasions throughout the squad’s retreat, not once being hit by enemy fire.

Most squad members were now back to fighting strength, but the situation had become desperate - supplies were dangerously low and enemy forces were mere moments away from breaching their compound. Thinking quickly, 1LT Tallhart picked up the one remaining injured squad member and, under the cover fire of his squad, pressed through around 400 metres of enemy held streets, alleys and vegetation to an empty compound, where a friendly helicopter rescued the squad.

There is no doubt that without 1LT Tallhart’s knowledge of medical treatment as well as his pure nerves of steel, not one member of his squad would have survived the mission. Not only did the squad complete their primary and secondary objectives, but not a single squad member was killed in action. Due to the quick thinking, courage and utmost professionalism shown by 1LT Tallhart in the face of a relentless, overwhelming enemy force, he is hereby awarded the Force Cross. The Force Cross is the second highest gallantry award that can be given to a member of Unity Security Force, and is awarded for exceptional bravery, while participating in any role during a non-campaign mission, against an armed enemy force.'

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