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Sunday, June 12, 2016 | 3:58:00 AM

Unity Security Force is being deployed on its first campaign of 2016.

The aftermath of the 2009 Kunduz Airstrike and the overall reduction of support by the German Populace has forced Chancellor Angela Merkel to initiate the draw-down of military activity in the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) held region of Kunduz, a region which has primarily been assigned to Germany since the ISAF incursion in early 2008. The ensuing reduction of almost 3,000 troops exposed the region to a reemerging Taliban Insurgency, one that has been emboldened by the news of German Troops falling back to the City of Kunduz and abandoning many of it’s initial Forward Operating Bases and Outposts. The German Bundeswehr, fearing more attacks along the Afghani Northern Border, decided to reinforce its last remaining Forward Operating Base in the area, FOB Jäger.

The lack of a unified NATO presence in Kunduz forced ISAF Regional Command North to supplement the existing German Forces with Multinational “Security Task Forces (STF)” carefully selected and hand picked by ISAF Joint Command (IJC). These STFs were to reinforce existing German Positions and pursue ongoing Counterinsurgency operations within the Region.

USEC, having been selected by the IJC, has been assigned as the main Security Task Force in the Kunduz Region.

This campaign is expected to last between 4-6 weeks. All NCOs and higher must read the accompanying OPORD before deploying to Kunduz. All members shall familiarize themselves at least with the mission, the ROE, and the identification of friend and foe through the provided imagery.

By order,

Unity Command

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