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UCOM January Update

Friday, January 22, 2016 | 5:11:00 AM

Members of the Force,

On behalf of UCOM, we would like to wish you and your families a happy new year! 2015 was a massive year for USEC and saw the biggest restructure and leadership change in our 13 year history. As we approach our 14th anniversary, the time for change continues, and we are committed to ensuring that USEC remains a dominant member of the tactical gaming community, as it has been since 2002.

UCOM, along with the other members of the leadership team and Chief Instructors, have been working behind the scenes to ensure we have a solid plan going into 2016. The main purpose of this communication is to give you an update on where weíre at with the various tasks weíre currently working on.

  • Tier 1 Training - MSGT Vuk will be conducting his initial trial of the Tier 1 Infantry program this week. UCOM has determined Infantry training to be the priority, so Aviation and Vehicle training have taken a back seat until the Infantry program is approved. Aviation and Vehicle programs are still in development, and estimated for initial trials in Feb-March.
  • Website redevelopment - weíre in initial planning stages and are currently scoping requirements for the new site. While we donít have too many details yet, we can confirm that the new site will be in PHP, will have a refined database making queries faster, and a sleeker responsive design to bring us up to 21st Century standards. While we would hope to see this in testing stages by mid-year, at this stage we canít make any guarantees on a time frame due to the extensive work involved. Anyone with appropriate skillsets is invited to contact MAJ White and offer assistance.
  • Recruiting - the black-out phase on recruiting is nearing itís end. To remind you all, USEC has been at nil-publicity since the command change in October, simply to avoid deterring quality recruits by advertising a group which doesnít appear to have itís act together. Once the training system is in place, a system for recruiting will be communicated, and we invite anyone interested in spreading the good word of USEC to come forward so we know who you are when the time approaches.

Weíd also like to take this opportunity to address a few concerns which have been raised over the past couple of months, to put minds at rest.

  1. The leadership isnít dead. Please keep in mind that just because members of UCOM and other Officers/SNCOs may not be on TS regularly, this does not mean we are not contactable, and definitely does not mean we have given up on USEC. The leadership team is in constant (daily) communication via Slack to manage the administrative side of USEC, and can always be contacted via MyMail where required. Unfortunately for some of us, personal circumstances prevent us from connecting to TeamSpeak as often as we may wish, but we encourage you all to utilise the other forms of communication to get in touch when you need to.
  2. USEC isnít dying. Far from it, USEC is in a very good place right now. Upon the change of command in October last year, one of our key beliefs was that numbers are not everything. We would rather USEC consist of 20 active and passionate members, than have 100 members who donít give a damn. USEC is, first and foremost, about professionalism and creating an immersive experience, and the hours spent behind the scenes are spent ensuring we can achieve this goal. Last year was rough, but weíre on track to ensure that 2016 will kick ass.
  3. The door is always open. Similarly to point 1, just because we arenít on TS does not mean we are unwilling to hear your thoughts. Far from it, from day 1 weíve always asked that issues are not raised on TS, but rather communicated to all 3 UCOM directors via MyMail, to ensure they are not overlooked. Please take the opportunity to provide your feedback (both positive and negative) and any suggestions you have. That said, please donít misuse this system by listing off everything you donít like, and not offering any suggestions on how to improve it. At the end of the day, this is a hobby for us too, so we ask that you be respectful in your feedback to ensure it gets the attention it deserves.

Finally, I do want to close by thanking some the members who have spent much of their personal time in helping to continue pushing the ball forward. While I canít name everyone, the most notable contributions of late have been:

  • MAJ White - for his work single-handedly relocating our entire systems architecture. This is a job Iíve had to do in the past, and believe me when I say itís not fun.
  • MSGT Vuk, PVT-1 Highman and PVT-1 Richards - for their work developing their respective training plans for Tier 1. We know the anticipation is high and weíre eager to release these as soon as possible. An extra mention is deserved for John for also stepping up to take on the role of 1SGT for the unit.
  • SGT Takel - for taking over the management of the modpack since the departure of Romano. Ever a tedious and thankless task, keep up the great work mate!
  • CPL Smith and PVT-3 Wilson, for their efforts creating weekly missions
  • John Romano, for his amazing work scripting and the self-proclaimed ďmodpack jesusĒ. As I mentioned with Jake, this is a tiresome and thankless task, but one which John carried out with enthusiasm.

As you can see, 2016 is going to be a big year, and we ask that anyone with the ability to help out puts their hand up to do so, including weekly mission creation. As they say, many hands make lighter work, and admin points are up for grabs!


Arden "Nedra" Marshall
Unity Commander
Director of Personnel and Training
UCOM - USEC Command

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