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Introduction of Unity Command (Board of Directors)

Thursday, July 2, 2015 | 11:34:00 AM

Gentlemen of the Force,

As you are all well aware, USEC has gone through major change over the past 6 weeks. Losing the majority of a leadership team in one go is a very difficult situation, and the transition has been tough. Iíd like to thank you all for your perseverance, your support and your loyalty to USEC through such difficult times. Numbers are indeed low, but with your help we will return USEC to its rightful place as a leading Virtual Military Organisation (VMO).

Over the weekend the Officers and SNCOs attended a leadership meeting on TeamSpeak where we began to pave our way forward. A minute from that meeting was distributed directly afterwards, and I hope youíve all had a chance to read through it. What resulted from that meeting is one of the biggest leadership restructures in our 13 year history.

Since day 1, USEC has been managed by a Chief of Staff, and usually assisted by a deputy. Over the past 2 years, it has become evident that the community no longer supports such a type of management, as you have noted a difficulty having a say/making suggestions, and have in turn noted a dictatorial top-level command team. Your concerns have not gone unheard, and this was the main topic of discussion during the 3 hour meeting.

As a result, effective 01 July 2015, USEC has appointed its first board-style leadership team. This team will be known as Unity Command (UCOM), and will consist of three members to start with. The first three members were chosen by those present at the meeting, and are myself, Paul White and Sam Maunder; all of whom were chosen due to their willingness to step up, as well as their past experience as leaders in USEC.

Sam has been promoted to the rank of Sergeant Major of the Force, and will be taking on this familiar role once again, whilst doubling as Director of Finance (DFIN). As Sergeant Major of the Force, Sam will be the voice of the enlisted members and NCOs, and will sit the board on the same level as the other board members. As Director of Finance, he will be overseeing USECís financial commitments, including the management of our donation server, and managing our expenses.

Paul White has been promoted to the rank of Major, and will be serving as Director of Systems (DSYS) and Director of Recruiting (DREC). As Director of Systems, he will be the main man in charge of USECís website, forums, teamspeak, gaming servers and anything else on the internet with USECís name on it. As Director of Recruiting, he will be coordinating USECís advertising to increase our numbers once again.

I will be taking over as Director of Personnel (DPERS) and Director of Training (DTRG). In these roles, I will be managing all issues related to personnel (promotions, awards, criteria for the above etc), as well as the training systems implemented (doctrine, manuals, assessments, exams etc.).

The current website requires the Director of Operations position to be filled. This role is actually going to be shared among the entire board to oversee all operation planning, however SGTMAJ/F Maunder will hold this role on the website for the time being.

UCOM will be meeting on TeamSpeak to discuss the progression of the force weekly as required, then fortnightly thereafter. Please feel free to approach the appropriate board member with topics you wish to be raised at the next meeting. If youíre not sure who the most appropriate person for a particular subject is, you can send it to any of us and weíll sort it out from there. The Suggestions forum can also be used for those points you feel could benefit from public discussion.

As a leadership team, we will endeavour to have the best interests of USEC and its members at heart. We will always be open to constructive feedback, but will inevitably make decisions in the best interests of USECís core values and beliefs. It is imperative that any member who feels that they have an issue with USECís direction, or the leadership method employed by our command team raises that issue through the most appropriate medium with haste, so that your concerns can be rectified before any issues arise.

We are currently in the process of rewriting USECís defining statement and mission statement. These statements basically describe who we are, what we want to be, and what we want to achieve. These will be finalised in this weekendís meeting, and will be sent out shortly thereafter.

On behalf of my new colleagues in UCOM, I thank you for your continued support through these tough times. I look forward to working with you all to rebuild USEC.


Unity Commander
Director of Personnel and Training
UCOM - USEC Command

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