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USEC's 13th Anniversary

Thursday, April 2, 2015 | 10:59:49 AM

13 years ago to the day, members of the Unity Virtual Aviation Community with a common interest in military aviation came together to realise their collective vision: a sister organisation to UVAC to address the growing demand to create simulated military operations in a Flight Sim environment. These pioneering aviators established an organisation which would grow and flourish beyond what they could have imagined. That organisation is the Unity Security Force (USEC).

Under the command of General Dean “Rocket” Hall, the first Chief of Staff (CoS), USEC forged a strong presence in the virtual airline community with over 100 active pilots, and eventually becoming VATSIM’s first fictional VSOA airline.

As popularity grew, USEC Command began to branch into the ground-combat simulation field, adopting Battlefield 2, and later Battlefield 2142 as its official platforms, before making the switch to Bohemia Interactive’s ArmA: Armed Assault. Over the years, different commanders have led the organisation through transitions into ArmA 2, and most recently to our current platform: Arma 3.

On the occasion of its 13th birthday, the Sixth and current CoS, Captain Matt Lightfoot, wished to congratulate USEC on this splendid milestone.

“Happy Anniversary chaps and jolly good show. Yet another year has gone by and as an organisation we are moving from strength to strength. In my time as Chief of Staff we have seen membership rise and USEC thrive due to initiatives led by members. These members are the ones that made USEC the unique and brilliant place it is and it is these members that will hopefully continue to push USEC forwards for the forseeable future. Throughout my own time in USEC, I've formed friendships with people from around the world, and I hope that through USEC many of the member's we haven't recruited yet will be able to enjoy this experience”.

“USEC has had it's problems throughout it's life however at our 13th year none of these have been the end of us yet, I hope that we can continue to improve as an organisation and that we strive to be the best we can be."

"The USEC we see today has only been possible due to the dedication of members before us, I think over the previous year we have done that history proud. I hope that we are able to achieve the same level of progression over the coming year.”

The Directorates of Operations and Personnel disclosed the following statistics; over the past 13 years USEC has had 3431 recruits who have participated in 32 Operations across the Arma franchise and Flight Simulator X.
Captain Lightfoot goes on to close with a final message:

"On this rather historic day I'd also like to announce a rather large promotion, this is that Lance Corporal Samuel Maunder will be promoted to Sergeant Major of the Force. The full citation can be found on the second page. I hope that we a wish him the best of luck in his new role to help lead USEC into our 14th year. To end, it is due to the immense dedication, hard work and enthusiasm from all of our members which has made us such a significant organisation in the milsim community, and it is because of these members that we can be confident of reaching and surpassing our 15th Anniversary in 2 years time.”

The full press release and citation can be found here - http://www.usecforce.com/files/pdf/13anniversary.pdf

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